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Courageous Living

Sep 26, 2018

Ep 37: Living Your Best Life with Jessica Gilbert 

With so much talk about living your best life, you'd think everyone was already well on their way. Sadly, more than 60% of the population is less than happy with their life. Sad really. If we all want to live our best life, why aren't we? Furthermore, how do we even begin the journey to transform and improve our lives? 

Our guest, Jessica Gilbert, shares with us how saying "yes" to herself led her on a journey of re-defining her life and loving every minute of it. 


About Jessica Gilbert

Jessica is a Human Resource Business Partner with WNBC- Charlotte and CBS-Greensboro. She is a great friend, woman of faith and a "GJ", which stands for Great Jessica her alternative to G-Ma or grandma. She is simply a woman living a life she loves. 

In this episode:

  • How discomfort can lead to changes for the better. 
  • Learn the importance of speaking positively over your life. 
  • Learn why you it might be best not to announce every change you plan to make. 


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