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Courageous Living

Feb 10, 2019

E48: Building Community and Bridging the Gap with Jobyna Terry

It seems racial tensions are at an all-time high during this current political climate. We can respond with fear, complaints or anger, but Jobyna shows us another route. Instead of focusing on the problems in the African-American community and the issues we face living in a "White America" she leads the way in offering solutions, building community and bridging the gap. 


In this episode:

  • Learn the importance of a solution-based approach.
  • Learn how the answer to race relations starts within you.    


About Jobyna Terry

She is the owner of Perfectly Brown, a published author with a Juris Doctorate and the creator of the "More About Something" podcast. Her mission is to educate, empower and encourage African Americans to become entrepreneurs, seek self-improvement & personal development. She is a leader in building community and foster a sense of pride in African America heritage.   



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