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Courageous Living

Feb 2, 2019

E47: Pursuing Your Purpose One Stop-Sign At A Time with Phara Joseph

How do you respond to obstacles, setbacks, and delays as you work towards your goals? What do you do when the progress isn't going at the rate you expected or hoped for? It is so easy to change the goal or the dream to fit your circumstances. Phara helps us to see our setbacks, stop signs and red lights as an opportunity to hear from God an opportunity to learn a lesson before moving on to the next leg of our journey. 


In this episode:

  • Learn how to be mindful of the suggestions of others.
  • Learn how to stop to get clarity.  
  • Understand how fear will kill your faith.   


About Phara Joseph

After working corporate America for the last 15 years she finally gave herself permission to live life on her on terms. She is a proud momma of one of the most handsome, sweet and too smart for his own good, 7-year-old boy on the planet! She's currently building a successful Virtual Project Management business for some of the dopest women and brands like The Great Girlfriends, Tiffany the Budgetnista, Tieko Nejo, Sybil Amuti & Brandice Daniel of HFR. 

She is also the published author of "The Sky is Falling".  



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