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Courageous Living

Dec 12, 2018

E44: Pretty on Purpose with Tara Lamar

 Do you always feel pretty? I certainly don't. I am not always dressed in the latest fashion trends, my eyebrows are not always on fleek and my hair...well, my hair always looks good (sisterlocks)! 

We know that pretty is more than looking great, it's more than skin deep. In this episode Tara shares with it really means to be a "pretty girl" and how our sometimes we can allow our ugly past to threaten our purpose. 


In this episode:

  • Learn how being honest can help you come out of the dark and into the light. 
  • Learn the part forgiveness plays in your purpose.
  • Learn how fear may be keeping you from healing. 

About Tara Lamar

 Founder of The Pretty Girl Movement. This organization and community is full of women embracing their God-given beauty. She believes pretty is a mindset and beliefe that goes deeper than make-up, style and looks. She is an amazing woman of faith, mother and my future great girlfriend! 

She is a woman well acquainted with pain. Her past was so ugly that she was not sure she could ever recover. She spent over 25 years living in shame, guilt, and condemnation because of things such as molestation, rape, abortions, teen pregnancy amongst other things that she had suffered and done. She knew God had a plan for her life and being a church girl she was pretty sure that what God had planned for her was good. However, she never felt good enough for the good God had for her. She found her true identity and her real value when she decided to be honest with herself, dealt with the secrets of her past, and allowed God to truly heal her. Now she teaches hundreds of women how to do the same!


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