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Courageous Living

Jan 26, 2019

E46: Self-Love means Self-Care With Jennifer Wagner

Maybe you think self-love is about pampering yourself and treating yourself to a spa day or a little vacation with the girls. While those are all great ways to show yourself some love, we have to go beyond to show true love of self. 

How do you treat the people you love? If you are a parent, loving your kids means taking care of them, encouraging them and loving them in right where they are. The same is true for loving yourself. Self-love means self-care. Jennifer unpacks what self-love looks like in our day-to-day lives. 


In this episode:

  • Learn how to deal with roadblocks on this journey of loving yourself.
  • Learn how to stick to your commitment to love yourself well this year.  
  • Learn a few tips on how to show yourself some love each and every day.   


About Jennifer Wagner 

 Married to her bestie and mother of two sassy sidekicks, Jennifer has taken charge of her body. Over a decade ago she decided she was tired of living in a 336-pound body and began making changes that would eventually lend her a 160-pound weight-loss victory. In sharing her own vulnerable stories through her blog and social media, Jennifer has become a relatable and trusted example of freedom from the ball and chain that sneaks onto our ankles as we step onto the scale.

In person and online, she teaches about meal prep and finding balance in the world of eating and exercise, while also uncovering the unexpected truth that it takes learning to love our bodies and embrace them as they are, today, in order to make progress that lasts.

She speaks around the country, guests on podcasts, has hosted women’s challenge groups, contributed to multiple blog publications, and has been featured on social media posts across various genres including health, motherhood, fitness, and body positivity. She has connected with thousands of women in various countries and from all walks of life and is passionate about sharing her message with anyone and everyone.


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