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Courageous Living

Jan 19, 2019

E45: Keys to Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Goals

It's the new year, which means we are preparing to face new obstacles and are making new goals. Let's start the year off by getting the key strategies that are going to help us overcome any obstacle and achieve every goal.

Courage unpacks the reasons we don't always achieve our goals and why we can get stuck in a setback or have our progress slowed by an obstacle. She shares 5 essential components necessary for success this year.


In this episode:

  • Learn what could be keeping you stuck.
  • Learn what you can do to achieve more this year. 
  • Learn how to apply these strategies and jump-start your progress.  


About Courage Molina

 Courage’s mission is to encourage, educate and equip you to exchange your struggles for strength and embrace courage as a lifestyle. She wants to help you to become the best version of yourself so that you can live your best life. As a high school Spanish teacher turned entrepreneur Courage is no stranger to transition and the challenges it can present. As a teen parent, who worked hard to graduate from high school and later from Florida State University as a wife and mother of three she knows first hand what it takes to overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.

Her battle with situational depression as her marriage took a turn for the worst all while she grieved the loss of a close relative led her to a dependence on alcohol to numb the pain. She attributes her recovery, healing, and success to her faith and the biblical principles she applied to her life one day at a time.

She pursues the fulfillment of her mission as The Courage Coach working with clients 1-on-1 and in group sessions to help them realize the greatness within. She is the creator and host of the award-winning Courageous Living Podcast providing a space for others to share their stories and testimonies along their own journey.  

She is a serial entrepreneur with several businesses under her leadership, Courage Molina (coaching), Courageous Living University (online school), Lion Chasers Publishing, M.O.S.A.I.C Women Network, StruggleXchange (non-profit) as well as partnerships with other brands such as JADELyfe, #MGBodyConfidence Movement to name a few. 


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