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Courageous Living

Dec 6, 2018

E43: Self-love is NOT selfish with Tamara Rice

Can I get a show of hands if you are busy this holiday season? Are there things you need to get done at work? at home? at church? If you are like most of us then your hand is up and you get tired just thinking about everything you still have left to get done. We spend much of our time taking care of the needs of everyone around us and seldom take time to care for ourselves. 

I don't know who is responsible for the idea that taking time to love and care for yourself is something selfish or makes you self-absorbant. I believed it for years and my actions are proof. 

This episode with Tamara was like therapy for me and I hope it has the same impact on you. She unpacks the importance of self-love in the lives of those who give so much of themselves to others.


In this episode:

  • Learn how to choose yourself first
  • Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with yourself
  • Learn how saying "no" is a sign of true love (for self)


About Tamara

Tamara Rice is a mommy, entrepreneur, and consultant. After graduating from Georgia Southern University in 2006, she became an elementary school teacher and then went on to train teachers on how to perfect their craft. Most recently, she’s used her position as a brand ambassador to help women build a life they love by focusing on their health and wellness goals. She believes that women harness a power inside of themselves that’s waiting to be unleashed. And they can only do so by choosing themselves first.


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