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Courageous Living

Oct 31, 2018

Ep 40: Tapping Into Your Potential with Shakira Walston 

 "She has a lot of potential." How many times have you heard that or said that about someone or something? Potential is this magic mix of skill, talent and the promise of being something greater than the current state. In order to be your best self and live your best life you have to tap into that potential. That's great, but how do you do that? In this episode Shak gives us a few tips to help us begin to tap into our own potential. 


About Shakira Walston

Shakira is the founder of Shak Empowers and host of the shaking it up with Shak podcast. Wife to her king and mom of four, with three additional fur babies, so there is never a dull moment in her home. Having successfully navigated the corporate jungle gym, managing global teams, Shak's mission is to inspire others to challenge the conventional ways of thinking, tap into their potential and pursue their dreams. 

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In this episode:

  • Learn how to challenge your conventional ways of thinking
  • Learn the importance of exposure 
  • Learn how to determine the next steps.   


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