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Courageous Living

Feb 23, 2019

E 50: You Were Made For This

If you are like most people pursuing their purpose or even thinking about it you probably doubt yourself from time to time. Whenever you have to make a decision that will take you outside of your comfort zone you resist it. Do you ever wonder why that is? In this episode, Courage reveals the...

Feb 16, 2019

E49: What Is Love? 

"Love is a term used liberally, but applied sparingly."-Courage Molina

Many of us have a self-centered view of love in relationships. We evaluate whether or not someone truly loves us based on how they treat us or how they make us feel and we measure whether or not we love them based on how we feel...

Feb 10, 2019

E48: Building Community and Bridging the Gap with Jobyna Terry

It seems racial tensions are at an all-time high during this current political climate. We can respond with fear, complaints or anger, but Jobyna shows us another route. Instead of focusing on the problems in the African-American community and the issues...

Feb 2, 2019

E47: Pursuing Your Purpose One Stop-Sign At A Time with Phara Joseph

How do you respond to obstacles, setbacks, and delays as you work towards your goals? What do you do when the progress isn't going at the rate you expected or hoped for? It is so easy to change the goal or the dream to fit your circumstances. Phara...