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Courageous Living

Mar 30, 2019

E 55: Forgiveness Is Freedom

There are many school's of thought on what forgiveness is and what it isn't. Many believe forgiveness is a process that happens over time. Regardless of how you feel about forgiveness, you must understand that forgiveness is for you, not for the person who has offended you or hurt...

Mar 23, 2019

E 54: You Are Who God Says You Are

Your identity is so powerful. It impacts your behavior and what you believe. You will never accomplish more than your identity dictates is possible. For this reason, your journey to the promised land begins with understanding your true identity. In this episode, Courage unpacks the...

Mar 16, 2019

E 53: Avoiding the Drama

For most of us living courageously, we have removed people and situations that bring drama to our lives. But every once and awhile it can still rear its ugly head. In this episode, Courage shares with you a few tips on how you can avoid even the sneakiest attempts from the enemy to distract you...

Mar 9, 2019

E 52: Learning to Support Yourself with Jasmine Miles 

When starting something new we all want and sometimes expect the support of those closest to us. Unfortunately, though we don't always find the support we think we need from others. The truth is, your vision was given to you, it's your dream and you have to learn to...

Mar 2, 2019

E 51: Power Behind the Principles

Principles of courageous living are simply fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for a courageous lifestyle. What makes the principles so effective & impactful is really the power that lies within each one. The power is the driving force behind each principle.


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